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Plastic Surgery - The Risks Can Be

Greater Than the Rewards

celebrity plastic surgery disasters

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Shown here, celebrities who elected to have cosmetic surgery to attempt to restore a more youthful appearance.  What went wrong? Each of these examples demonstrates the failures and risks of going under the knife. These celebrities have all the money in the world to invest in their appearance, yet they were helpless to control the irreversible results.

The desire to reverse the aging process can be appreciated considering their profession. Despite having access to the best surgeons in the world, cosmetic alterations often result in a career-altering appearance that renders them unrecognizable.



Many results are not able to be determined before surgery, which is affected by many factors, such as the amount of collagen in the skin layers, skin tension, muscle conditions, or the surgeon’s ability to anticipate results. Cutting away skin reduces the amount of available collagen. A common result is a distortion of facial features and an unnatural look.

These celebrities simply wanted to improve their appearance,  but instead ended up qualifying for “Celebrity Plastic Surgery  Disasters”. Their appearance is permanently altered. For a  celebrity, not looking recognizable or looking distorted is a  disastrous, irreversible result. But everyday people are victimized by these undesirable results, as well.

The better option is Skin Tight Technologies™ non-surgical treatments to restore surface skin and rejuvenate underlying collagen, safely retaining a natural appearance while reviving a more youthful look. Pulling and cutting away excess skin, as with a face-lift, does not always result in a natural appearance, and the procedure can be risky, with unpredictable results.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Results are Very Unpredictable

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